Review: Nature Box “Free Box”

Nature Box  A few months ago my son Billy came running up the stairs asking if he could use my credit card to get a free Nature Box. All we had to pay was $5 shipping.

We’re Canadians. “Free” offers always include extra shipping.

One of his favourite YouTubers Smosh had included a thank-you to NaureBox for supporting Smosh Games and Billy thought the boxes looked tasty.

We made sure to use the link and ordered our box. The process was very easy. We were asked about our allergies and dietary restrictions. Gave our name and address. Payment Information. A few weeks later it came.

The shellfish free box included:

  • a pamphlet explaining the system
  • a full sized bag of Dark Cocoa Nom Noms
  • small packet Masa Crisps
  • small packet Cranberry Medley (dried fruit)
  • small packet Jalapeño Cashews
  • small packet Sweet Blueberry Almonds

Unfortunately Bill was on vacation when the box came and his little brother ate all the Nom Noms. He’s a cookie houdini. Everything was tasty and fresh. The packaging was sturdy and secure. Easy to reuse. We all declared the box was a keeper and chose something for our next month’s box.

We waited to post our review because sometimes the test box is far superior to the regular boxes. We have now received our first full box, and it was just as tasty.

Nature Box (Smosh Link)
Review of Full Box


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