Review: Nature Box August 2015

Nature Box is a subscription box system for yummy snacks that are a bit healthier. The first trial box is free ($5 in Canada for shipping). You choose your snacks, or let them surprise you. This is our first month getting a full box. 5 items. You can also choose to get 3, 10 (5×2), or 15 (5×3) items. You can easily log on and change your choices, subscription type, etc.
Sweet Blueberry Almonds.

Tastes like muffins. I love these. Reorder every month please.

*Shrug* They’re okay.

Can we just order these? I’ll pay extra. Seriously Mom, you can take my allowance.

Pretty good. I don’t love them.

Very Yummy. Can I have more? In my dish. Right now.

Verdict: Reorder every month. They are reasonably healthy and all 3 kids loved them and requested more.

 Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops

Yum. *tries to sneak more*

Now these are good.

I was expecting soft caramel. These are still good, but I was expecting crunchy and chewy both.

These are very good and not sticky.

These would be great with peanuts.

Verdict: These were very tasty. We’ll order them again if there are no new items we want to try, and they will always be #6 on the list. Meaning they are the first substitute.

 Kung Pao Pretzels 

Is there ginger in this? Crunchy and spicy. I like them.

Oww!!! This pretzel bit my mouth.

I like the noodles better. They clumps of flavouring are too strong.

If you layer them with the cheese crackers they are amazing!

Ugh. That’s too spicy. No. Just no. Maybe I’m not a spicy person.

Verdict: We tried them because we loved the jalapeño cashews in the sample box, and we love pretzels in general. I’m glad we did. Added to a salad or mixed with other flavours in our game night mix I think they would be a hit, but as snack food we’re passing.
 Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps 

Taste like Ritz crackers.

Hmm…I’d just buy cheese crackers.

It’s like a whole crunchy cracker made of the crispy cheesy bit from a grilled cheese sandwich. I love them with the pretzels.


The dog really loves these. Look at her eat them.

Verdict: Without something with them these aren’t very salty or punchy. They have flavour but no kick. Since the dog and I were the only ones who liked them these likely won’t be a reorder for us. The texture was great. Very crunchy.

Peanut Butter Nom Noms

These are peanut butter? They’re good, but not peanut butter flavoured.

Where is the peanut butter? Is this like Where’s Waldo but with peanutbutter?

I love these. I’ll eat yours. (When asked if he thinks they taste like peanutbutter). I don’t judge. All cookies are welcome.

Are these cooked?

These would be great on a hike or trip. They aren’t that sweet and pretty filling. I like them.

Verdict: I wish these came with 1 more cookie.We’ll order them periodically, but they won’t be a monthly purchase.


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