Say NO to “Diet Food” and YES to “Your Diet”. 

“I can’t eat that. I’m on a diet.”

“When my diet is over I’m going to eat (insert forbidden food here).”

“You are so lucky you aren’t on a diet.”

Sound familiar? I hope not. Too often I hear people talk about their diets like they are a short term exercise in deprivation. It’s like “diet food” is a magical substance with several pages of rules and restrictions that if consumed in the right amounts will transform lead into gold. If you deviate from the formula you will explode, fall down dead, or maybe just revert to lead. Okay, it’s not quite that dramatic, but close.

I’ll tell you a secret. Get close to the screen. If something will make you gain weight and feel gross now it will make you gain weight and feel gross later as well. That simple. So why wait?

My suggestion is to eat exactly the same way you plan on eating when you are at your goal, just slightly smaller portions.

“Your diet” is whatever fuels your body and makes you feel good. It’s the foods and flavours you like in the portions that give you optimum nutrition. That will be different for everyone. Again that’s okay. Diet is simply what you eat.

For me it’s being careful with source. I like my grains soaked or sprouted, my milk unpasteurized (so no milk for me), my bread slowly risen, and my food fairly familiar. It helps me avoid digestive issues.

Feeling okay about what you are eating is important. I garden, bake, cook, and can. I buy local meat, dairy, and eggs whenever possible. Thanks to my location it is very cost effective to do so. I have red meat once or twice a week because my body doesn’t do well with B12 strips or capsules. That doesn’t mean this is the best choice for everyone. I have wonderful cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I am aging well so far. My body is happy being an omnivore that eats a wide variety of food.

My diet foods are things like grilled apples with butter and maple syrup on French toast. This is food I lose weight and gain lean muscle on. More importantly this is food that helps me joyously dance around my living room until my legs are wobbly and my heart sings.

So please find your diet foods, and stop eating other people’s. Eat the foods that make you feel good. You may still end up with pages of rules but they will be your rules. Some people have touchy systems. Some people have ethical objections to meat (animal rights), or certain nuts (water usage), or whatever. Some people have religious or cultural restrictions. That’s just the way it is.

I support everyone’s right to eat and drink the things they are comfortable with, that nourish their bodies, and give them the best chance at a healthy life. The causes closest to my heart deal with these issues, but that’s a tangent for another day.

As always thank your for reading.

***This blog is my NaNoWriMo Camp 2015 Project. Edits will happen. Mistakes will be made. Word counts will be kept.***

First Published April 10th, 2015 and saved from deletion by the magic of screen captures. 


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