Breakfast: The Fast and the Fancy

I have 4 meals a day. Breakfast. Lunch. Tea. Supper.

It’s often been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have no idea if that is true, but I really adore breakfast. Specifically I really adore breakfast foods. It’s the first thing I get to eat in the day, there are a ton of options that give me great nutrition and satisfaction for my calories.

My definition of breakfast food is pretty broad. If I am craving a big meal I will have it for breakfast instead of supper because that way the calories have a chance to me used for their intended purpose instead of being shoved into storage. I don’t need a bunch of stored calories. Winter may be coming eventually, but I have a perfectly functional pantry and don’t hibernate.

On an average day I eat “eggs and…” for breakfast. Eggs and veggies. Eggs and salad. Eggs and porridge. Eggs and hot milk. Eggs and toast. Eggs and more eggs. I just really like eggs. I am lucky that I live in a fairly rural community that has fresh, free range eggs available 7-8 months out of the year, and my local grocer has some free range non-vegetarian eggs available the rest of the year. Hens like to eat bugs and things. They aren’t vegetarians by nature.

Some days I want to be fancy so I make diet cakes. Diet cakes are basically crepes, made with water instead of milk. If you have a griddle with a lip on it or an actual crepe pan, they are simple to make. I tend to fill them with unsweetened fruit, unsweetened yogurt, or eggs. I like eggs for breakfast. Did I mention that already?

Oatmeal or smoothies are my go to meals if I need to get out of the house fast in the morning. I can put the oats in the fridge overnight with whatever liquid and additives I want. Either warmed on the stove or just blended for a raw treat. Smoothies are even less work I just grab some frozen fruit, a scoop of protein powder, and some kind of liquid and I am good to go after 10 seconds with the blender. One for me. One for my preschooler and we are out the door.

Then tea or coffee and a glass of iced or hot water. I know room temperature water is healthier, but I hate it. It makes me nauseous. Maybe water needs a post of its own?

Breakfast is usually 200-400 calories depending on what I have planned for the morning. That may seem off to some people, but it works for me. It’s enough calories for my body to wake up and get going. There is enough volume for me to feel like I actually had a meal and not just a snack. It’s not so much that my sugar levels start bouncing or I feel sluggish.

Take the time to make your plate look nice. It only takes an extra few seconds. I like to pack as many colours as I can into breakfast. The more colours on the plate the more satisfied I feel eating it, and the better it nourishes me.

You savour your food with your eyes and nose before your mouth so make it count.

***This blog is my NaNoWriMo Camp 2015 Project. Edits will happen.Mistakes will be made. Word counts will be kept.***

This post originally appeared April 10th, 2015 and is being reposted by request. 


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