Review: 21 Day Fix Ap 


 Cost: Free 

Platform: Apple (unsure of Android) 

Beachbody released the 21 Day Fix tracker ap today. I am so excited! 

The 21 Day Fix is a diet/nutrition and exercise program by Autumn Calabrese. The Fix, or 21DFX, is part of the Beachbody program family. It uses 30 minute videos and colour coded containers to easily guide you to a leaner, more flexible, stronger physique. The equipment is minimal. Light and heavy weights are all that’s required. You can also use a band if that’s more convenient. 

If you want more information contact me through my Facebook page, leave a comment, or e-mail me at and I will be happy to talk to you. 

Onto the ap! 

You enter your weight and gender and it gives you your container goals.

Tracking involves choosing the meal and then adding the number of cups by clicking in the + or – buttons. A convenient list of foods for each cup is included. 

Tracker for cups, spoons, and water in .5 increments. 

Customization available for all totals. If you are doing extra workouts, are right between levels, or aren’t looking to lose weight this feature is essential. 

The ap tells you which workout is scheduled for the day. Super easy tracking and organization. 

Includes maintenance tracker, calculator, and explanation. 

Over all I am very impressed. The customization and half container increments are very user friendly. I do wish there was the option to just tap the containers you used and not have the added step of assigning the containers to meals, but I can also see the value in seeing when and what you are eating. All in all the tracker was fast to use and everything worked. 

Thanks for the useful freebies Beachbody! 


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