The Process: Be Your Own A-List 

Say it with me: I am worthy of my own time and energy, and my time is mine to spend. 

Time management has always been an issue for me. There are always fifty things or more that I should be doing. It overwhelms me. I am a yes person by breeding. I was raised that you always say yes. Yes to making the cupcakes. Yes to stopping everything and helping a friend, or acquaintance, or stranger. I was raised by nice, extremely capable people. I still struggle with saying no. I’m not capable of fulfilling all the things people ask me to do, so in the end I end up doing a horrible job of almost everything. I end up overtired, stretched thin, miserable, and resentful.

So I chose to make myself a priority. To give myself the gift of some of my own time and energy.

In a world that feels I should be living a Pinterest perfect life being able to balance my time is invaluable. 

Budgeting your time is like budgeting your money.

After you take care of your essentials, the things you need to do to stay alive and functional, all the rest of the time is yours to use as you choose. Don’t mess with the time it takes to meet your very basic needs. This includes getting enough sleep, eating, and maintaining basic hygiene.

When deciding how to spend your flexible time :

1. Review what is important to you and spend accordingly. Do you value strong family bonds? Do you thirst for adventure? Do you crave solitude? Do you really love pretty things?

2. Weigh the costs vs. the benefits. Pretty straight forward, and subjective, but very important. Is it worth a few hours of your time googling to prove a stranger on the internet is wrong? Does your sock drawer really need to be colour coordinated? If the answer is yes, great. If not find something else to do. Examine the mini drains. Checking Facebook multiple times a day, clicking the “this person did something normal and then this happened…” links, waiting in line for coffee, etc.

3. Look for ways to get twice as much for your time; Workout while watching tv. Listen to a favourite book while commuting to work. Fold your laundry while chatting with a friend.

So far I have managed to repurpose enough time to return to blogging, I’m starting a new mini business, making plans to revamp an old business, and working towards having the body and life that I want. My relationship with my family and friends has improved. I’ve done great job with the commitments I have agreed to.

I started out just wanting to get time to workout, and ended up restructuring my whole life, and I have never felt better. I am the top of my A-list and it feels wonderful.


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