Hello and welcome to A Luscious Diet.

I’m writing this blog as a tribute to everyone who is sick and tired of diet and exercise being synonymous with deprivation and torture. This blog began as my 2015 NaNoWriMo Camp project. I poured my heart out for a month. Then when it was all over I deleted all the posts and was about to close the blog. I received a phone call from a dear friend asking for one the articles I’d written. Whoops! Lesson learned. Never discount your own voice.

So, I am beginning again. From scratch. Typing after everyone is in bed. Kitty on my lap and a hot mug of tea keeping me company. I’m giving up sleep for this and I love sleep, so please keep commenting and I will keep writing. We can do this together.

There is a whole world of glorious food, and entertaining exercise ready for us to explore together. No matter what your fitness level, your cooking skills, or your available time you can do this. I have faith in you. I’ll be here with you. This blog and the monthly one week challenge groups that I am running on Facebook will be my gift to you. Why? Because your goals and your fitness are important to me.

I will be running some sponsored groups, groups with prizes bought with my own money, and some Beach Body specific groups, but those will always be clearly marked as such.

As I figure out how to link them I will add my:

Instagram: alusciouslife
Weilos: avocadoontoast
Facebook Page
Other Blog alusciouslife



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